Abomination Urayuli Dry Hopped Pale Ale

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n southwest alaska, a howling cry can be heard for miles... First up in our "yetti-esque" series, The Urayuli. Peaceful counterpart to it's southeast cousin, Urayulis Stands nearly 10 feet tall with arms down to their ankles, covered in a thick fur. the easiest way to spot them is by their luminescent eyes. Unlike some yeti species, the Urayuli is said to be peaceful.

We're super hyped to kick off the "yetti-esque" series. A line of beers that reflect the monstrosity that's been our motif since the beginning. This hazy pale ale pours a golden yellow reminiscent of their gleaming eyes, and is consciously hopped with Galaxy, Citra, and Mosaic. A mouthfeel as soft as their pelt, and approachable like the beast it's self clocking in at 6.3%. Tasting notes of succulent mango, papaya preserves, and citrus hard candies from grandma's house.

A friendly reminder not all things are bad that go bump in the night.

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