Amager Lust Strong Dark Ale

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9.2% ABV
Sinner Series Lust
This strong Belgian ale is so sweet, that we are not afraid to call it pure lust on the bottle.

During the brewing process was the mood so wild that brewer Jacob and brews Morten erupted in large quantities spontaneous kisses to each other. If not Thomas Schön had turned up unannounced, it was certainly not stopped by kindkyssene.

This beer is so voluptuous that we can not guarantee the consequences if you serve it to her boyfriend by candlelight: it may very well end up in a lengthy dependents. We have brewed a beer with the most sensual sugars, we could find the net and then we spiced it with reputed aphrodisiacs such as Spanish fly, oysters and powdered deer penis. Or Ossetians we are just full of lies ...

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