Barista Coffee Pinotage 2021

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Rich Coffee Mulberry and Chocolate. Marachino Cherry. Plum.

Why have we called this extraordinary wine “Barista”? Well, the term barista refers to people who specialise in making espresso-based coffees, so naming our unique Coffee Pinotage “Barista” is most appropriate.

There’s even something called “barista art”, where the frothy cap of your cappuccino is decorated with intricate coffee-powder images in the shape of leaves, flowers, birds or abstract patterns. The skill and technique that goes into the creation of Barista wines requires just as much dedication to the craft, and the results are made clear from the very first sip.
We optimise selected batches of grapes for colour, then take them back to the skins for alcoholic fermentation. Some of the batches are pressed immediately to be fermented on oak. This ensures the rich, dark coffee aromas that make Barista so distinctive.

Other batches are fermented conventionally on the skins and pumped over vigorously during the course of alcoholic fermentation, to be racked and pressed directly into French Oak for the completion of fermentation.

In 1925, the then-Professor of Viticulture at Stellenbosch University, Abraham Perold, had the idea to create a proudly South African cultivar. He crossbred Pinot Noir and Cinsaut (known as Hermitage in South Africa), and Pinotage was the result.

Pinotage went on to become a South African favourite. New-generation Pinotage wines are deep red and smoky, with bramble and earth flavours, often with tropical fruity notes.

This is a deliberately modern offering by winemaker Bertus Fourie, who was responsible for the first coffee-styled version of South Africa's signature grape.
TASTE: A burst of intense, rich coffee and chocolate aromas with nuances of ripe mulberry, plum and Maraschino cherries. The sweet aroma of vanilla follow through on the palate and meld with the soft, luscious tannins. A wine ready to be enjoyed.
ENJOY: Drink on its own or with seared duck breast, crispy pork belly or your favourite pizza. Bertus recommends a blue cheese-filled brandy snap with chocolate and roasted coffee beans!
Alcohol: 13.43%
RS: 7.1g/l
pH: 3.5
Total Acid: 5.4g/l

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