Bubo · California Pinot Grigio 2022

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13% ABV

Bubo is the Latin word for “owl” and the name of the goddess Athena’s magical owl. Throughout history owls have been regarded with fascination and associated with prosperity, good fortune, and a natural method of controlling pests. Owls that inhabit vineyards where grapes are grown are treasured because of their role as long-term stewards of the land.
AROMAS: Honeysuckle, white peach
FLAVORS: Nectarine, lemon, honeydew
STRUCTURE: Crisp, medium-bodied, clean finish

This Pinot Grigio is medium-bodied with white peach aromas, and layered with flavors of lemon, honeydew and nectarine. The lush fruit flavors are enhanced by balanced acidity and a crisp, clean finish. Enjoy with Mediterranean, Latin and Asian cuisine.

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