Cedar Brook California Sauvignon Blanc 2018

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Winemaker Notes:
Cedar Brook Sauvignon Blanc is a light yellow-colored wine, that presents varietal characteristics with grapefruit, tropical fruit and apple in the
aroma. Hints of tropical fruit follow into the palate and the wine ends with a nice crisp finish.
Food Pairing Suggestions:
Enjoy this Sauvignon Blanc with some heavy seafood, cheese, pasta,ham, beef, spicy foods, and lamb.
Winemaker: John Allbaugh
Appellation: California
Blend: 99% Sauvignon Blanc
1% Proprietor’s Blend
Oak Aged: No
Alcohol: 13.61%
Glucose | Fructose: 6.04 g/L
Total Acidity: 5.03 g/L
pH: 3.54

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