Cicada’s Song · Pays du Var Rosé 2022

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12.5% ABV

Cicada’s Song Rose is a collaboration between JP Bourgeois and Ed Buffington, co-owner of The Community Tap in Greenville, South Carolina. The wine blend is produced by Château des Annibals.

The wine is the achievement of meticulous work, which required particular attention. From the choice of old vines for the wine balance to the close selection of the best juices, the entire team worked carefully to offer a fine wine that fits perfectly with the high-level standards of the winery.

Provençal folklore tells us that the cicada was sent from heaven to sing, waking people from their afternoon naps and signaling a return to work. Our Cicada’s Song is more impetuous. It emanates soulfully from your glass, inviting you to enjoy life through its Mediterranean lens − a lazy afternoon with friends, tasty fare, any and all things golden. We believe wine should have a sense of place, and Cicada’s Song is just that, as vinified by Nathalie and Henri DeWulf Coquelle.

Blend: 80% Tibouren, 20% Rolle
Aging: 6 months in stainless steel tanks

Its dazzling light pink color puts one in the mood for this wine’s classic Provençal aromas of fresh red berries, melon, and sweet white flowers. The round palate has plenty of sea air minerality and lilting acid woven into the fleshy stone fruit and light raspberry, framed by wild herbs and white pepper.

The innovative use of Rolle (also known as Vermentino) and the ancient Tibouren grape for most of the blend sets this apart from other Provence rosés by giving it a savory complexity and invigorating, wind-swept snap.

It makes a harmonious pairing with grilled red mullet, flambéed prawns, octopus salad, or fresh pasta with basil and grassy Provence olive oil. Certified organic.

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