Creature Comforts Dayspring Grisette

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Brewer Notes:

A grisette is a cousin of the saison with historical records suggesting more bitterness and a lack of acidity and was a beer meant originally meant for miners. We’re targeting a highly drinkable low ABV beer with bitterness and minerality. Being a style of the old world, we also chose to ferment this beer with saccharomyces and brettanomyces.

Bottle and keg conditioned, reserve sediment when serving. Bottled in green glass, you can try a 15 min soak in the sun to add some light struck sulfur compounds. According to some, this can complement the hop character well. We encourage you to explore your options to figure out which way you like drinking this brew!

The Take Away:

DaySpring (5.3%) is named after the local farm located in Danielsville, GA where we source raw wheat used in the beer. Batch 1 was released in 2015 and this beer is largely the same with a little more hop presence. There’s a doughy sweetness, floral notes, toasted hay, and light touch of grass to the aroma. Upon first taste, there’s a creamy sweetness but it quickly transitions into grassy, herbal bitterness that finishes very dry and makes this beer supremely drinkable.

“The first batch of DaySpring was the first time we sourced wheat from the Brett family, who run DaySpring Farms,” says Blake Tyers, our Wood Cellar and Specialty Brand Manager. “Since then we’ve become good friends and we’ve tried to use their grains in a few of our beers now. We feel like it has such a sense of place to where we are and it’s always great working with a local farm. Being able to do that again and make another beer with their name on it is a privilege, an honor, and an awesome way to be able to extend that friendship.”

DaySpring (2015) was released from Creature Comforts just a year after the brewery opened, and served as the first release from its Locally Grown Series. The series is used to showcase local ingredients sourced from farms in and surrounding the brewery’s community of Athens.
The 2017 release was bottled August 2017 in green 750-mL bottles and has been bottle conditioning since that time. This is the first beer we've packaged in green bottles and chose them in order to allow consumers to shape the flavor path of the beer and to have the ability to create an intentional light-struck character to the beer if desired.

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