Damilano Langhe Nebbiolo "Marghe" 2017

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"Marghe" is the nick name of Margherita Damilano (Guido's sister) who passed away in 2010. This label is dedicated to her.

Damilano is one of the oldest wineries in Barolo. The family business dates back to 1890 when Giuseppe Borgogno started cultivating and producing wine from the grapes from his own vineyards. Giuseppe improved the general quality of the vinification system and of the wines, turning the winery into a “jewel” of the Langhe area. In 1997 Giuseppe passed the winery on to his grandchildren Paolo, Mario and Guido. Together, they are working to keep and improve the level of the quality of the Damilano wines.

About the Vineyard
Nebbiolo is the oldest indigenous red-grape vine of Piedmont and one of the noblest and most prestigious in Italy. Its name derives from ‘nebbia’, the Italian word for mist or fog: some say this is owing to the ‘misty’ look of its grapes, with their velvety covering, and others say that it is because the late-ripening grape is often harvested during early autumn fogs.

Wine Production
Nebbiolo is a demanding vine, needing exactly the right soil type, a south-facing hillside, pruning and training. A calcareous tufa-based soil is ideal for this vine that buds early - towards the middle of April - and ripens later than most other varieties, around the middle of October. It suffers sudden changes in temperature but oscillations between day and night temperatures are an advantage during the grape ripening phase. For a correct formation of tannins in the grape skins, south or south-west facing hillsides are required, at an altitude of between 200 m and 450 m above sea level.

Tasting Notes
Ruby red with soft garnet reflections, the bouquet has very typical delicate notes reminiscent of violet and red fruits. The wine finishes dry, rightly tannic, with a velvety, harmonic full

Food Pairing
Excellent with all kinds of roast and braised meat, game and aged cheeses.

Vineyard size: 18 acres
Soil composition: Calcareous and Clay
Training method: Guyot
Elevation: 1,050 feet
Average Vine Age: 40
Exposure: Southeastern / Southern
Year vineyard planted: 1970-1990
Harvest time: October
First vintage of this wine: 2011
Varietal composition: 100% Nebbiolo
Fermentation container: Stainless steel tanks
Length of alcoholic fermentation: 12 days
Fermentation temperature: 82-86 °F
Maceration length: 12
Malolactic fermentation: Full
Type of aging container: Barrels
Length of bottle aging: 2 months
Size of aging container: from 20 hl to 100 hl
Length of aging before bottling: 12 months

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