Gerberas Aragon Macabeo 2018

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VARIETAL: Macabeo VINTAGE: 2018 ALCOHOL: 12.5%
Elaboration: fermented in vertical inox tanks,controled temperature 14 to 16 ºc, after spending small time with the fine less.
Cierzo is the name of the wind in Aragon region. It is a fresh strong and dry wind originated in the Moncayo Mountain due to the pressure diference between the Cantabrian Sea and the Mediterranean Sea.Hinders the development of certain illness, cools the temperature in summer nights and feezes in winter. .The most grown white varietal in the area is macabeo. The vineyards are situated on the northern slopes of the Moncayo mountain range, in the northwest of Spain, where the cooling Cierzo creates an unique microclimate, ideal for growing our grapes.
PALATE: this light dry white is fresh, fruity and well balanced.
AROMA: elegant aromas of citric, peach and pear fruit.
COLOUR: light straw colour.
FOOD PAIRINGS: Ideal with: seafood, pasta, pizza and rice dishes.

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