Golden · California Pinot Noir 2021

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13.00% ABV

Rich mineral notes begin the bouquet with slate and graphite, soon opening to rich notes of black cherry, cola, and soft earth. Hints of light black pepper, leather, and vanilla balance everything out. On the palate, bright and lively acid is balanced by a nice minerality, leading to a long, rich finish. This wine is exceptional on its own, or paired with your favorite hard rind cheese, mushroom dish, or dark chocolate.

About Golden Winery
California is called the Golden State for many reasons. The hills of California turn golden yellow each summer to match the golden sand beaches and deserts. Ever since the California Gold Rush, dreamers, pioneers, and free spirits have been drawn here. From golden tans to the Golden Globes, California is a unique and magical place. As a winemaker, California offers a special world in which to grow grapes. The warm sun, cool ocean air, fertile soils, and respect for land make for incredible growing conditions every vintage. When things are perfect and you’re set up for success, we like to say “You’re golden.” With that spirit, in celebration of life and everything we love about the Golden State, we are excited to introduce our newest wine, Golden.

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