Illuminated The Ballad of the Peanut Butter Pony Imperial Stout

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This 13% gooey and gory stout is punched up with cocoa and non-allergenic peanut butter flavoring and is perfect for sharing with your pony after a long day chasing steers.

Now, I can hear some of our Amish brethren gasping for breath at the idea of us using a peanut simulacrum instead of REAL INDUSTRIAL PEANUT BUTTER. But Stop, Ok? And then I'll remind you that this whole freaking charade we're involved in here is a simulacrum - we're living in a freaking computer simulation, folks - so get over it, Mr. & Mrs. Peanut Butter Puritan. Plus, this particular flavoring that we used is incredibly delicious and it's non-allergenic so our cult members who suffer from peanut allergies can actually, for once, enjoy some pleasure again in this life.

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