La Cosmique Chardonnay 2016

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Grape Varietal: 100% Chardonnay
La Cosmique hails from the artisanal, family-owned Maison Nicolas Vins, which is based in the heart of the southern Rhône valley, in the roman city of Orange. The chardonnay and pinot noir grapes that are selected to curate La Cosmique are grown in a warmer climate embedded in a terroir made up of clay and limestone soil. Due to the warmer temperatures in the region and the frequent mistral winds, the grapes are harvested during the cool nights to maintain freshness. By delicately coaxing out the best elements of the terroir, the climate of the Rhône valley, and the delicacy of the varietals used, La Cosmique offers wines with unique characteristics that perfectly represent the new Rhône generation.

La Cosmique Chardonnay is fresh, fruit forward, and radiates beautiful shades of golden straw with green hues. On the nose, this wine exudes expressive aromas of wildflowers. On the palate, La Cosmique Chardonnay has notes of exotic fruits and fresh coconut. It is pleasant and crisp with a pleasingly minerality. La Cosmique is aged in stainless steel barrels to maintain its fresh and expressive qualities.


La Cosmique Chardonnay pairs ideally with fresh fish such as simply prepared grilled salmon. It is also excellent paired with poultry, such as chicken in a butter sauce. La Cosmique Chardonnay also complements the unique and spicy flavors found in Asian cuisine.

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