Lise Baccara La Troussepinete Red Dessert Wine

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Visual aspect : burgundy coloured
Nose: pleasant , fruity, notes of fruits and fortified wine
Palate : pleasant, sweet, plum and red fruits aromas.

Should be served cold, perfect for the aperitif and a very good alternative to the dessert wines, especially dark chocolate desserts.
Could be also used with Tonics like it is actually the case in the USA.

Blackthorn wine fabrication whose origin was traced probably around the XIX th century, is still a mystery nowadays. It started to be famous among insiders thanks to its name of Troussepinète in the 50's. The blackthorn or wild sloe is a rare thorny bush, usually about three or four meters high, so thick that it is hard to handle and impossible to cross.

It grows wild and randomly anywhere in France in specific zones such as borders of pastures or edges of forests that only connoisseurs know. The young shoots are manually collected. Gathering requires between seven and ten additional workers to collect around 3 tons each year. Knowing that one branch only weighs few grams, it then represents an intense and meticulous task for M. Paignon's teams.

The shoots are then macerated in Lise Baccara's fine Cognac and in a second phase in wine during a total period of three months according to an artisanal process, a secret only held by the master liquor maker himself... Three months for three crucial and complex steps of maceration and blending to allow the delicate extraction of subtle aromas of thorns, and give the unique taste of the traditional Troussepinète made by Lise Baccara.

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