Ommegang 3 Philosophers

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Rich and complex, Three Philosophers is a glorious blend of Belgian-style quadruple and authentic Belgian kriek, its malty depth and gentle sweetness enhanced by sparkling carbonation and a serendipitous touch of cherry. The meaning of life? Even if you don’t quite get there, this beer is sure to sweeten the journey.
Three Philosophers pours a dark cherry-chestnut with a smooth, tan head. Aromas of brown sugar, dark fruit, and chocolate lead, trailed by an intriguing hint of black cherries. The flavor is deeply complex, with notes of caramel, vanilla, cocoa, and roasted malt throughout the front and mid-palate. Tart cherries linger on the long, slow finish. This is a beer to sip and savor.
A beer of this stature demands big bold flavors. Serve Three Philosophers alongside rich cheeses like smoked gouda, decadent entrees like steak au poivre, and for dessert, pair with dark chocolate or enjoy it all on its own.

FERMENTABLES Two-row, amber, caramel, Munich-20, aromatic, xtra special cara-20 malts. Liefmans Cuvee Brut
HOPS Styrian Goldings, Spalter Select
YEAST Ommegang house yeast
ABV 9.7%
IBU 21
SRM 42

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