ON TAP 05 Duclaw Hoppurtunity Awaits IPA 15.5g

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7.6% ABV
16.8 Plato
22 IBU

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Hopportunity Awaits is on a mission to open eyes of all kinds in craft beer, and inspire us to hold the door for unique talent to create more pathways for diversity, in every sense, across every role.

On the cans, you will meet 10 talented rule-makers in the industry who are ready to share their remarkable stories. Once you hear what they have to say, you will realize that yes, you can brew it too. Hopportunity Await’s flavor is light in bitterness with with juicy hop qualities; pineapple, lemony citrus, tropical fruit, and light pine.

This beer is in partnership with Craft x EDU to fund scholarships for individuals to grow within the craft beer industry, and pursue their passion for the perfect pour.

Hazy India Pale Ale

Yellow; hazy.

Sultana, Lemondrop, Motueka.

Pilsner, Unmalted (Raw) Wheat, Malted Oats, Rolled Oats.

Rosedale, Maryland

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