ON TAP 33 Catawba Mixed Berry Berliner Weisse 15.5g

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5% ABV
15 IBU

Berlin ranks high among the brewing capitals of Europe, with recorded beer history dating back to 1572. Historians have theorized the inspiration for the local sour wheat beer may have been brought to this cosmopolitan city by Huguenots, who likely would’ve been familiar with sour beer traditions of Northern Europe after migrating across Flanders, Brussels, and the Rhineland.

By the 19th century, Berlin had become the preeminent brewing city in Continental Europe. Like most historical styles, the popularity of the Berliner Weisse has risen and fallen with the prevailing beer trends of the times. Yet, it has lived on as a regional specialty, an enduring expression of Berlin’s brewing individuality.Beer Description:
The Reinheitsgebot says beer can’t be brewed with fruit. But we say rules were made to be broken. And so we did…to the tune of 84 lbs of fresh blackberries and strawberries!

This fruit-forward interpretation of “the Champagne of the North” was soured in the kettle with lactobacillus, amplifying its sour berry notes. Built on a backbone of bready malted wheat, the beer reveals a touch of balancing sweetness to complement its star ingredients.

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