Orpheus All You Get is All You Get Hazy Sour

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We can be swayed by the illusion that some things are just out of our grasp, but sometimes all you get is all you get. It’s worth realizing how fortunate you still are, and what you have here will not disappoint. Tart, fruity, and a touch sweet, this hazy sour ale is all you really need.

The balanced sourness and light fruity character of All You Get Is All You Get are great complements to salty and smoky flavors. A charcuterie plate is an easy fit, or have it for breakfast with bagels and lox.

Hazy Sour Ale/ 5%

Hops: Experimental 04190
Grain: Two-row barley, unmalted wheat
Fermentation: Wild house mother, Abbey ale yeast

Laura Vela

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