Reissdorf · Kolsch

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4.8% ABV

These days Reissdorf Koelsch has almost reached a "cult status" with beer connoisseurs around the world looking at it as a "well preserved secret". Top fermentation lasts for about eight days with another four weeks of cold conditioning following. "Reissdorf Koelsch" is designed to be pale of color, soft on the palate, restrained on fruitiness, with a delicate dryness in the finish. "Reissdorf Koelsch" is a "session style" beer served in its typical 7 oz. glass in the wee-hours after work.

Another tradition unique to this beer style is its method of serving. Small wooden casks brought up to the pub via dumb waiter and placed on the bar counter are gravity -dispensed into narrow, cylindrical glasses (20 cl) called " Stangen" to expedite the pouring of the beer as well as to reduce the waiting time for impatient guests.

Waiters, called "Koebes", dressed traditionally in blue jackets or shirts and leather aprons, pick up as many as 12 beers at a time from the "Zappes" (the "tapper") which fit in recesses around the perimeter of a metal tray ( the "Kranz" or crown) with a central handle. Tabs are run by the Koebes making tick marks on the customers' coasters and Koelsch keeps coming without asking! Koebes are seldomly tipped, but will allow you to buy them a round which they usually finish in one swallow.

Reissdorf Koelsch
Alc./Vol.: 4.8
Orginal Gravity: 1047
Plato: 12.0
IBU: 27

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