Secoli · Valpolicella Ripasso 2019

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14.0% ABV

Tasting Notes
Dark ruby color with purplish hue. Projecting a silky, sexy, texture. The wine has a long, dry finish of chocolate and dried cherries.
Wine Characteristics
Valpolicella Ripasso was made by re-passing (hence the name Ripasso) Valpolicella wine with the leftover grape skins and seeds from fermented Amarone with extended maceration.

Many of the rich complexities of the Amarone like the color, tannins, and softness that attribute to the drying of the grapes are passed on to the Valpolicella using this method. Like Amarone, its made with the three historic varietals meticulously curated prior to bottling. These noble grapes make Verona’s most important and oldest red wine that date back to the Romans

Valpolicella Ripasso received its official DOC status in 2009.
Food Pairing
Risotto, pasta, red meats, game and rich cheese, or on its own. For best results, the bottle can be opened 30 minutes before drinking, served at 68 °F (22 °C).

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