Shmaltz/Mustache She'Brew RBG Milkshake IPA

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For our fourth She’brew Release, when Lauri from Moustache Brewing mentioned that #RBG was her Beacon of Empowerment - the verdict was IN! The perfect inspiration for our next Shmaltz tribute collaboration. The launch was set for Int’l Women’s Collab Brew Day in March 2020 – and then the disastrous case of our current Global Pandemic stormed into reality.

But RBG was also a once in a lifetime kind of event – a truly epic hero who changed our country and our consciousness for the better through her work and by her example. Intelligence and emotion, collaborative in spirit yet ferocious in her commitment to progress, the most serious positions from the highest responsibilities exhibited with constant charm and wicked wit.

This year is clearly different from all other years – and we brewed this sincere offering to give huge thanks to a guardian and a champion in the way we know best – by upholding the bar for #Notorious IPAs equally balanced for a commemoration of life and just causes everywhere - L’Chaim!

- Jeremy and Lauri

and the extended Shmaltz/Moustache posse

A portion of the profits from She’brew’s #RBG IPA will go to the ACLU Women’s Rights Project and the Pink Boots Society.

Judges L to R: Laura Kavanaugh, Megan Kanan (518 Fam -, Teresa Casey (CCBT, Mackin & Casey), Alex Haraburda (Shmaltz Sales Rep), Deanna Fox (Food Journalist), Shikole Struber (518 Fam), Mariah Fannan (MFR Sales), Jeremy Cowan (Shmaltz Founder/Owner), Kimberly Stoehr (Moustache Sales Rep), Lauri Spitz (Moustache Co-Founder), Vinessa Monaco (Head Unicorn Wrangler), Erin Grace (CCBT, Mackin & Casey), Matthew Spitz (Moustache Co-Founder), Elise Deming (Cap. Lawrence), Kirsten Brenner (518 Fam), Tracy Kennedy (Collar City Runners), Matt Polacheck (Shmaltz Art Director)

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