Southern Grist Hardee's Strawberry Biscuit Ale

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For years, Hardee’s® has been serving warm, flaky goodness of its Made from Scratch Biscuits™ for the masses. To celebrate National Biscuit Month and National Beer Lovers Day, we're honoring those beloved biscuits and encouraging customers to ‘Sip Your Happy’ by pairing it with an unexpected biscuit beer -- the Strawberry Biscuit Ale.

The Strawberry Biscuit Ale, from Southern Grist Brewing Co. and inspired by Hardee’s, is a full-bodied, cream ale that incorporates delicious hints of strawberry jam and buttermilk – satisfying both breakfast and craft beer lovers. With this epic launch by Southern Grist, consumers can enjoy their Hardee’s Made from Scratch ™ Biscuits all day long, whether indulging in their favorite breakfast menu items from Hardee’s in the morning or sipping Strawberry Biscuit Ale from Southern Grist anytime, day or night.

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