Untitled Art/Other Half All Together IPA

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First and foremost, thank you to Other Half Brewing for organizing a 🌎worldwide🌍 beer collaboration effort to support those impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. While collaborating with other breweries is in our DNA, being able to collaborate 750+ breweries across 48 states and 51 countries ALL AT ONCE (and all together) is truly next level🙌🏻 Other Half Brewing created an open source recipe AND label template for ANY brewery to use. To stay true to our Untitled Art style, we used the Mosaic, Citra + Simcoe hops as the recipe says, but swapped out the Cascade for Cashmere. Our version, at 6.5% ABV, delivers a well rounded hop profile that is balanced from first taste to the lingering flavors on the back of your palate.

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