Verzet Oud Bruin

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Oud Bruin - 6% vol.
This traditional beer from the South-West of Flanders awakens your taste buds with a massive wallop. Once your senses get over that initial shock, the experience a complex mix of winey aromas, red fruits, wood and green apple. Sourness dominates in taste. This red brown beer is a blend of old and young beer, aged in different oak barrels. Each barrel gives a different taste, but through the process of blending, a similar style is obtained. Once bottled, the beer ripens for six months to further develop its finesse and delicate aromas.

Scent: red fruit and wood
Flavour: At the first sip, the sourness dominates. Once you are used to the acidity, the aromas of wood, green apple, bread and red fruits approach more clearly. The sourness lingers just long enough and then it makes place for a dry sensation in the mouth.

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